1v1指导 1-on-1 guidance

我们针对每个学生的弱点和提高点,匹配相应的小老师,包括课前预习,课后讲解等。 We target each student's weaknesses and areas for improvement, and match them with corresponding tutors, including pre-class preview and post-class explanation.

监督 Supervision Learning

我们根据同学的水平,和需要参加的考试推荐相关的学习资料和书籍,并监督检查单词记忆情况。 We recommend relevant learning materials and books based on the student's level and the exam they need to take, and monitor their word memorization.

口语对话 Conversations

我们是一群日常使用英语为主的学生,可以帮助小同学锻炼口语,不胆怯用英语交流。 We are a group of students who primarily use English in our daily lives and can help younger students practice their oral English and overcome their fear of using English to communicate.