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We are a non-profit organization founded by a group of high school students who are currently studying in North America (United States and Canada), as well as domestic and international high school students. Our mission is to utilize our passion and skills to assist students free of charge. Our organization is actively engaged in several ongoing projects, primarily focusing on primary, junior, and high school students in China. We aim to foster their interest in learning English and address any challenges they encounter during the learning process. Additionally, we have dedicated departments for mathematics and an English exchange program, where our volunteers consist exclusively of native English speakers. Our team of instructors possesses overseas study experience or are preparing for future studies abroad. They possess a strong foundation in English and are committed to supporting students in their educational journeys. We take pride in offering all of our courses completely free of charge, ensuring accessibility for all interested students.

1v1指导 1-on-1 guidance

我们针对每个学生的弱点和提高点,匹配相应的小老师,包括课前预习,课后讲解等。 We target each student's weaknesses and areas for improvement, and match them with corresponding tutors, including pre-class preview and post-class explanation.

监督 Supervision Learning

我们根据同学的水平,和需要参加的考试推荐相关的学习资料和书籍,并监督检查单词记忆情况。 We recommend relevant learning materials and books based on the student's level and the exam they need to take, and monitor their word memorization.

口语对话 Conversations

我们是一群日常使用英语为主的学生,可以帮助小同学锻炼口语,不胆怯用英语交流。 We are a group of students who primarily use English in our daily lives and can help younger students practice their oral English and overcome their fear of using English to communicate.

Global Voices-
A Language Exchange Program
The Global Voices Program is a language exchange program that aims to connect Chinese university students and outstanding international high school students with their North American peers to improve their English language skills. Through this project, The students from China can communicate with native English speakers, learn about North American culture, and establish lifelong friendships. In addition, this project helps to strengthen connections between international communities and promote mutual understanding and tolerance between different cultures. For American students, this project also provides an opportunity to communicate with international peers, learn about Chinese culture and society, and improve their teaching and communication skills.
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"From Here to Future" is an event platform for all international students, where they can share their stories of studying abroad with everyone online, and have provided positive energy to others. For more details, please email us! “从这里到未来”是一个面向所有留学生的活动平台,在这里他们可以与大家分享自己的留学故事和传递正能量。了解更多详情,请联系我们!More Information

  • Date: 7/6/2024 09:00 AM
  • Location Online Event

More Information
"跨越地区和时区, 传递爱与力量" "Spreading Love And Strength Across Regions And Time Zones"


  • 高中生及高中以上,拥有海外留学经历以及英语口语好的同学优先
  • 希望您是一位勇敢,自信,有责任感和有思想的小伙伴
  • 每周末有足够的时间参加教学项目
  • 提供能证明当前英语水平的信息或者资料
  • 每一位小伙伴需要通过线上面试
  • 领导力团队申请:
    • ❤️K.I.T.E组织在不断寻找拥有较强领导力的成员以及合作组织

🌟“Have you ever thought about improving yourself?"
🌟"Do you want to enrich your teaching experience?"
K.I.T.E Online English Tutoring Program is looking for volunteers. Welcome to join us if you are interested👏

Basic requirements for Online Volunteer application:
  • High school students and above. Students with study abroad experience and good spoken English are preferred.
  • We hope you are a brave, confident, responsible and thoughtful person
  • Enough time to participate in tutoring program every week
  • You need to provide materials that can prove the current English level
  • Volunteers need to pass the online interview
Leadership Team Application:
  • 💗K.I.T.E organization is constantly looking for members with strong leadership and cooperative organizations.
Community Service&Leadership Team志愿者&领导力团队招募
If you are interested, please email us.

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